Henry India Holden💖
Henry India Holden💖

Hello Friend,

I'm honored you stopped by to learn more about me. I hope I've snagged what you are looking for. Born, raise and educated in W. Germany, I live in beautiful Seattle with my adored soulmate, squirrels that play in the trees, and hummingbirds that flutter at the feeders they put up. Rabbits, chickadees, and sparrows, robins and jays nest or visit the gardens in front and back.

Cherry and apple trees, a very old pear tree, and magnificent laurels live with us. Also, ants, snails, a few (rather well-behaved) rats, and a raccoon family of four (not quite so well-behaved, but still very nice). One yellow plum tree provides all of us with sweets treats in the summer.

Writing's been my passion since I was eight. I find writing and building community here on Medium and being an editor at Engage truly fulfilling.

My calling is to love this world and this life and share that love in word and deed. And to alchemize the pain and sorrows of life and send them back out into the world as bits of light and love and, thus do something to make the world a little sweeter.

Some days that's easier than others. But I'm stubborn about this.

As a certified soul life coach and ecotherapist, I use my training and intuition to suss out that one thing that truly matters to others to help them be grounded in their purpose. And to help heal whatever can be healed with unconditional love and support.

In my tool bag, you'll also find a Tarot deck I developed, not for divination, but as an evocative tool for reflection and introspection that, with the person who seeks it, can lead to a deep connection with the inner divine. You can see my lovely colorful and diverse deck here.

You'll also find Reiki. I don't give Reiki session but being an initiated Reiki master in the Usui lineage lends itself wonderfully to creating safe and sacred spaces.

If you are part of the LGBTQIA community, welcome! You are safe, loved and seen here.

As a nonbinary person, I've chosen the pronouns they/them. Here is my page with examples of how to use them if you're wondering

Are you curious for more? My website is content-rich. Are you curious if you might like working with me? You can set up a 30-minute Discovery Zoom call here. Do you have ADHD? I do, too, and know how to craft sessions that are not impeded by it. Want some sweetness right now? My free calming grounding meditation on YouTube is here.

Thanks for stopping by, my friend.

Love & Blessings and expect miracles. Because you can.

Henry ♡

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Annabelle above and Kiki below who, though they've crossed the rainbow bridge, will aslways be part of our family.

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Henry India Holden💖

Henry India Holden💖

Eco-spiritual writings about nature, the human world & love. Soul coach, ecotherapist, Reiki master. henryindiaholden.com