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Your life journey is my concern. I believe love is the most important ingredient in any recipe of healing, personal growth and fidning your purpose.

That's why I teach tools, techniques, and action steps with unconditional love & support on your soul’s journey.

I offer a free 30-min discovery call so you can find out if you want to grow with me. You can schedule it here.

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A little bit about me

I was born, raised and educated in Germany. I'm a writer, ecospiritual certified life coach, ecotherapist, Tarotist, and metaphysical guide & healer. Many years ago, I received great healing from a therapist who was a Jungian and former Jesuit monk. One of the sessions changed my life. I was talking about my experience with the Divine and he said, "It's simple, you're a mystic." It gave me permission to honor that in me.

A mystic is someone who has direct experiences of the divine and, as I do, often, sees all of existence as the divine.

So when you work with me, that's what you can expect--that I see you as the divine manifesting as you, perfect as you are and as you are not. That's why it is easy for me to love you unconditionally without first knowing you. Because I do know you:-)

I use multiple modalities: Life coaching, ecotherapy, Reiki.

I'm the creator of the Mystic's Tarot & Oracle Cards. You can check out some of my readings here on Medium to see how differently I use the Tarot.

The special way I use the Tarot helps to guide you spiritually, if you are drawn to working with this modality.

I'm also nonbinary and welcome all LGBTQIA+ individuals with open arms. My pronouns are they/them.

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Love & Blessings and expect miracles ♥

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