Henry India Holden💖
3 min readDec 25, 2020


A Holiday Message for 2020

Henry India Holden, Canva.com

The Festive Season this year looks so different from what we’re used to because of Covid-19. It has cast a long shadow that deepened as the year went on, and that will extend far into 2021.

For those who are by themselves in their place, it’s especially hard. Because of safety measures, there’s not even the possibility of escape into the company of strangers at a bar or restaurant or mall.

If that’s you, my heart flies to yours, and I’m sending you Reiki healing and divine loving feeling.

Many have endured the loss of income and the fallout from that. I hope that the congressional care package isn’t held up too many more days and that unemployment payments continue, as well as protections against foreclosures and evictions. Everyone deserves a home, food on their table, and wellbeing care; these are human rights, even if not recognized as such by the laws of this land.

But even those of us who have work, a home, and loved ones around us, as I do with my beloved, Steven, are surely feeling the privations of this pandemic.

Next year, which is just around the corner, will be different, not in the least because we will have someone different in the White House. For some of us, this is wonderful, for others, it’s not.

What’s also different is that we will have a vaccine available to blunt the viral threat and then the long slog of having to be patient and still observe all the safety measures to protect people, such as myself, who are not eligible at this time to receive the vaccine, and helping the country recover.

2021 is a new beginning, yet a big portion of it will be sorting out the issues of this year, such as the urgent demand and need for racial and economic justice and the financial and economic losses, and even friendships that some of us were unable to sustain with just the help of Zoom and social media.

If you are spiritual, this is a time to go withing where your divine presence resides and draw on its healing power. If you’re not and this thought doesn’t resonate, there are many other practices that will help sustain and empower you as you move through the holidays and 2021, such as walks, companion animals, gratitude, grounding, tree-hugging, sky-gazing, creative pursuits, and extending your helping hand.

I send you love and healing from our house to yours.

No matter what place you’re in and what you’re going through, we are kin, you and I, and in that sense, we are always connected; we are part of this living world, and of this breathtaking, pulsing, ever-expanding universe. We are made of the stuff of stars; let’s shine our light, each of us as we can.

Love & blessings,